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Student Programming Contest

 You are invited to participate with any number of teams from your schools.  The contest is patterned after the ACM programming contest.  Here are the major details:

* You may enter any number of teams.  Each team can have up to 3



* Free


* We will have three divisions: main, introductory, and novice.

  There are no restrictions for the main division, but the other two

  have slightly different restrictions.


  An introductory team cannot have members that have previously

  participated in a formal programming contest, but the team members can

  have any level of schooling.  All introductory teams will also

  participate in the main contest.


  A novice team cannot have members that have completed more than two

  semesters of programming courses.  In other words, the members can

  either be enrolled in CS1 or CS2 at the time of the contest.  All

  novice teams will also participate in the main contest.  I'm

  assuming that most novice teams will participate in the introductory

  contest since most schools don't put these students in their ACM

  contests, but I do know of exceptions.


* The competition will start as close to 10:00 EDT as possible.  The

  contest will begin with a short practice session (45 minutes)

  followed by a debriefing to make sure everyone is ready for the full

  contest.  If everything goes as it should, the official contest will

  begin at 11:00 EDT and last for 4 hours.


* Programming languages offered will be C, C++, Java, and Python.  We

  currently have the following versions installed on our server: gcc

  6.4.0 (using C++14), python 3.4.5, and java 1.6.0_15.  All judging

  will take place in a UNIX environment.


* The contest will consist of 6-8 problems.  The problem difficulty

  will range from quite easy so that the novice teams can complete 1-2

  to fairly difficult.


* The judging will be automatic with human in the loop to confirm

  judgements.  The possible responses are:


  1) compilation error

  2) run-time error

  3) exceeds allowable run time

  4) formatting error (correct answer, but does not meet output


  5) incorrect

  6) unknown file type (can't determine which compiler to use from

     file name)

  7) forbidden word in source (cannot have code that accesses the

     judging system; e.g., networking, file systems, etc.)

  8) correct

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing your students participate.

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