Undergraduate Research 2015:

Student Luke Hayden did a combinatorial and proof-based approach with the board game Abalone, pictured below.  More information is coming soon, as we are polishing a paper to submit for publication.


Undergraduate Research 2014:
Graph Theory

Student Matthew McAndrews constructed a previously unknown graph. He worked with simple, connected, unit-distance graphs related to a famous unsolved math problem. Some of Matthew's graphs are pictured below. 



Undergraduate Research: 2011
Abstract Algebra

Student Tyler Carrico calculated the probability that randomly chosen sets of elements from certain types of mathematical groups would generate those groups.

Tyler's article is published in Involve: a Journal of Mathematics, a respected journal of original mathematical research for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Below, I am with Tyler at a national Joint Mathematics Meeting, where he presented a poster on his research.


Philosophical Research: 2015
Ontology of Numbers

I reflect on how the ontology of numbers is connected to God. The following is published in the Conference proceedings of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, 2015