About Me

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In addition to my joy in Mathematics, I have three additional interests about which I am very passionate. I love music that lifts up Jesus. I play guitar and bass guitar in the praise team at my local church and in a Worship Band called Breaking Bread. I have written several songs which are regularly used in worship services.

I am also passionate about God's Word. I am greatly burdened by the fact that many Christians have been told that they cannot trust the Bible because science has proven it wrong; or that it must be read "symbolically" or "metaphorically". One of my goals is to help people understand that the Bible can be trusted, and that it is even more reliable than "science". Scientific models must be continually adjusted and refined as more data becomes available; the Bible stands firm forever.

I am also passionate about my wonderful and brilliant grandchildren, and if I am not doing math or music, I am probably spending time with them.