My academic background is in the area of analysis with additional interest in the areas of number theory, algebra and probability. My professional experience is in the area of Actuarial Science with emphasis in the field of Health Insurance.

My thesis

The zeros of certain functions exhibit an interesting pattern if plotted in the Complex Plane. Even though the Exponential Function has no zeros, the polynomial approximations (Taylor Series) have many zeros; and these zeros do exhibit an interesting pattern. My thesis is entitled "Zeros of Sections of Exponential Sums".


Insurance pricing

Rather than paying large insurance premiums, most employers with many employees (more than 100) will choose to "self-fund" health care costs for their employees. But to protect against unforeseen catastrophic healthcare events, most employers will purchase "specific stop-loss" coverage to limit the employer's cost (to perhaps $50,000 or $100,000 per person). But there is still the risk of several "somewhat large" healthcare costs, so to protect against high costs in the aggregate, employers may purchase "aggregate stop-loss" coverage. In 2002 I wrote an article entitled "A Brief Note About Pricing Aggregate Stop-Loss Coverage".