Invitation to Discovery

Web pages can be constructed around more than one purpose. One purpose – perhaps the main purpose – of my web page is to invite students to do research.

My physics research is underway. If the idea of working with high performance computers to solve problems in biology excites you, come see me. You don’t have to be a physics or math student!

I listed multiple interests as potential MAT 495 projects. I have done work in some of them but others are simply areas that jazz me. All of them are potentially fruitful ground for an applied math topic for MAT 495.

As of today – 19 June 2015 – I have listed only one or two topics under Physics Education and Math Education. I will add to these in the weeks to come. These are fun topics that could be extracurricular or formal.

The fun of science and math is doing it. I would be glad to have fun doing a project with you.