"I have taught over 30 different classes at IWU, including mathematics, physics, computer science, and freshmen orientation.  Some of my favorites are below."

MAT-456 Real Analysis

Real analysis is the "why it works" behind calculus and is, contrary to the beliefs of mathematical algebraists, the most elegant theory of mathematics.  Particularly intriguing are things that seem impossible but are true such as a function that is everywhere continuous but nowhere differentiable.  I typically teach this class using mostly a lecture format supplemented with lots of practice problems.

MAT-456 Syllabus

MAT-322 Mathematical Modeling

 Math Modeling emphasizes answering the most important questions a practicing mathematician needs to ask:  what data do I have, what data do I need, how can I simplify the problem, what technique should I use, how close is good enough.  The class includes data collection laboratories and LOTS of writing.

MAT-322 Syllabus


MAT-490 Mathematics Senior Seminar

Math Senior Seminar is the capstone course for all mathematics majors.  It focuses on readings and student-led discussion on philosophical questions related to mathematics, such as:  in what sense do triangles exist, would 2 + 2 have to equal 4 in every possible world, why is mathematics so effective in describing the physical universe, and do humans discover or create theorems?  Students in the course also do an expository project including a paper, poster, and formal symposium.

MAT-490 Syllabus

MAT-353 Differential Equations

Differential equations is the IWU course nearest my Ph.D. thesis.   Most quantitative theories in the natural sciences, engineering, economics, and other areas are somehow grounded in differential equations.  Every time I teach the class, I cover less material in more depth.  Technology has changed the nature of this subject for the better -- more conceptual, fewer "recipes."

MAT-353 Syllabus